Hosted Desktop

Data and applications from the private cloud are available at all times.

Hosted application and hosted desktop services

Would you like to have your CRM/ERP or Office applications provided from a centralised environment? If so, our hosted application and hosted desktop services are perfect for you.

Depending on requirements, we provide the necessary infrastructure to use your application with the Citrix Hosted Application or Hosted Desktop service. Our Citrix services enable access to centrally provided data and applications, regardless of location. We assist you with every aspect from planning and implementation right through to operation. For a higher level of security, we offer additional access security and management through multi-level user authentication using SMS passcode services.

Hosted application service

Users access the desired applications via a standard Internet browser. It is also possible to provide the applications directly to a personal desktop using Citrix Receiver. Group guidelines can be used to connect drives or manage the attachment of USB devices. These guidelines are also used to manage data storage in order to allow users to store and access their data as usual.

Hosted desktop service

The full desktop is provided based on Windows Server operating systems, on which a Windows 8 client operating system is emulated. This way, users are presented with a trusted desktop including the centrally hosted applications. A personalised desktop can also be provided, if desired and configured accordingly. This way, users can select their own backgrounds and position applications on the screen as usual.

  • Secure application presentation
  • Central provision of applications
  • Modern Citrix solutions
  • Provision of all licences on a rental basis
  • Flexible, highly available structures