Patch Management

Server patch management for the smooth operation of your applications

nexellent does not only provide an available and high-performance infrastructure; it also maintains the server systems.

In addition to keeping software components, such as operating systems or standard applications, up to date, server patch management also involves administrative activities, for example, arising from the Active Directory or Microsoft Exchange areas. Modern automated processes allow us to offer our server customers efficient and secure patch management for all commonly used Windows and Linux systems.

Patch management databases

In addition to database management, we also offer patch management for Microsoft SQL database applications as an optional service. The nexellent Wsus Service installs security updates for operating systems and databases and sends a patch report to the customer as well.

Patch management option

To guarantee our customers as much flexibility as possible when choosing patch management for their operating systems, we offer a fixed monthly subscription rate with automated processes or a one-off order as part of our support and change process. However, we can also arrange fully customised processes.

  • Software updates
  • Security patches
  • Windows Server patch
  • Linux Server patch
  • On-call support or as a convenient component of your subscription