Application monitoring

Customised monitoring for your system and applications

The success of your applications depends upon fault-free operation. It is essential to quickly identify anomalies or outages and deal with them accordingly. For this reason, nexellent offers individual monitoring services in addition to a host of standard services.

Besides determining the condition of the system, level-appropriate monitoring facilitates the mapping of complex inter-relationships and the graphical representation of information for administrators or managers. Standardised processes and thresholds enable timely intervention by technicians in the event that individual components behave erratically. This involves defining all thresholds according to best practice and having them adjusted upon the customer’s request. Application monitoring, for instance, is effected by means of a series of scans within the context of monitoring. Processes such as, for example, ‘store.exe’ specific to Exchange provide information about the availability of Exchange.

Special scans, checks and evaluations concerning the availability and performance of your e-commerce platform, databases or third-party applications are also possible.

  • System and network monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Alarm activation via SMS and e-mail
  • Platform-independent
  • Level-specific reporting
  • Round-the-clock on-site technical support, 365 days a year