BGP / Multihoming

Redundant connections ensure security

Permanent Internet access is vital for the success of more and more companies. Our multi-homing services make sure that it is always possible to communicate, even in critical situations, thanks to a redundant Internet connection with maximum security.

Permanent Internet access is essential for more and more companies and it is ultimately a business-critical factor. The BGP4 and multi-homing service is a technology to improve the reliability of Internet connections in an IP network. This involves connection to the Internet via at least two different Internet service providers or, if this is not possible, at geographically separate access structures provided by nexellent. If one of the components fails, the system automatically switches to the additional connection in order to maintain the availability of the service.

  • Increase the availability of your Internet connection
  • Increase the availability of your IT environment and applications
  • Lower costs by prioritising data traffic
  • Network management by nexellent