Backup Solution

What are the consequences of data loss for your company?

Regularly backing up data is one of the most important tasks of any company. It is dreadful to imagine the consequences of data loss in this day and age – from personal and financial costs right through to bankruptcy.

We provide data security support with our managed backup services. All secured data is stored on redundantly established backup structures. Data management is always carried out at a location geographically separate from active customer equipment. The managed backup service is offered as both a file-based and an image-based procedure and is a combination of full and incremental backups. This combination provides an extremely high level of protection against data loss and yet still makes it possible to store data while saving space.

  • Data management on redundant infrastructures
  • Daily, automatic backups on disk and/or tape
  • Clear, fixed cost structure through volume packages
  • Data storage in Switzerland
  • Data stored at geographically separate locations
  • Flexible and scalable volume packages