Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for the unexpected with our individual disaster recovery service

This is why everything’s coming up roses for you: Our disaster recovery services are based upon the high-security structures of our geo-redundant data centre – be it through colocation second site or cloud solutions. We assess your current IT environment and support you in designing and implementing your disaster recovery plan.

Failures of ICT structures are often costly in the absence of sufficient recovery management. This is due to the individual characteristics of the various business processes and applications in disaster recovery management. Due to this sensitive initial situation, we place great importance on understanding your business and all of the interconnections - right down to the last detail. Only this knowledge allows us to offer you a disaster recovery solution that is precisely customised to your needs. Our services cover traditional services such as backup and re-storage. We create redundantly established colocation structures for you via two geographically separate data centres. We also offer modern cloud solutions, such as Disaster Recovery, as a service via VMware Site Recovery Manager.

  • Geo-redundant data centres
  • Risk management and analyses
  • Customised DR concepts
  • Management of the DR environment
  • Governance
  • Failover testing