Virtual Datacenter

Create, start or stop your virtual servers yourself

nexellent VDC - Azure Pack Technologie

What do you get?
Your benefits

With Virtual Datacenter, you will enjoy a high level of security, high availability, maximum flexibility and services performed quickly at low costs.

  • Swiss – server and data located exclusively in Switzerland
  • Self-service – modern self-service portal based on Microsoft Azure provides maximum flexibility
  • 100% uptime – highly available data centre structures and host systems
  • Support – outstanding support guaranteed
  • No investments – receive the resources you currently need
Our offer
Virtual Datacenter from CHF 890.-

Define the resources available on your servers. Predefined templates allow you to create new VMs in a matter of just a few minutes.

  • Self-Service Portal
    create, start, stop or do snapshots - everything with webinterface access
  • 32 GB RAM & 12 vCPU
  • 500 GB performance storage
  • 100 Mbps Internet connectivity
  • IPv4 & IPv6 IP addresses
  • Incl. Microsoft OS licensing of VMs

Customer Feedback

By outsourcing to nexellent, our IT system is much more professional, efficient and cost-effective.

Martin Constam, Fleurop-Interflora GFS

Thomas Prandini
The thorough understanding of our business model and our needs shown by nexellent, as well as the good price/performance ratio, has already enabled us to acquire several important clients.

Thomas Prandini, cloud-ch

Working with nexellent brought us face to face with an expert technical team. We were impressed by the company’s comprehensive expertise and the private cloud platform.

Christof Schnellmann, Comsolutions

Our cooperation with nexellent allows us to concentrate on our core competencies.

Dino Fiori, Dinotronic

Simon Röhrig
Virtual data centre services allow us to flexibly react to customer and business requirements. The highly reliable cloud platform from nexellent provides us with all the options.

Simon Röhrig, BINTORIS

nexellent’s expertise in all areas is impressive. nexellent responded very quickly to new developments and communicated openly with us about everything.

Markus Hübscher, TransData Management

In partnership with nexellent, we managed to guarantee our customers the best possible performance and data integration thanks to innovative software and the latest technology.

Emile Bernhard, Vitruv AG

Our core competency is application development. We prefer to leave the operation of the complex Citrix SaaS infrastructure to the specialists at nexellent.

Roman Müller, müllerchur AG

What are you doing now?
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100% Swiss

Server and data located in Switzerland: Switzerland is the perfect location for your business on account of the high level of legal security and strict data protection laws. All services are offered from our FINMA-compliant data centres.

Self-service allows flexibility

Using a Web interface, you can independently manage the RAM, CPU, disk space and network properties of your servers. Create new servers or snapshots in a matter of just a few minutes. The dashboard provides you with all the necessary tools and information.

Professional and highly available

Benefit from a modern infrastructure based on high-end products such as Cisco, EMC and Microsoft. Our highly-qualified engineers ensure that the servers run smoothly and provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.