Virtual Datacenter

Create, start or stop your virtual servers yourself

nexellent VDC - Azure Pack Technologie

What do you get?
Your benefits

With Virtual Datacenter, you will enjoy a high level of security, high availability, maximum flexibility and services performed quickly at low costs.

  • Swiss – server and data located exclusively in Switzerland
  • Self-service – modern self-service portal based on Microsoft Azure provides maximum flexibility
  • 100% uptime – highly available data centre structures and host systems
  • Support – outstanding support guaranteed
  • No investments – receive the resources you currently need
Our offer
Virtual Datacenter from CHF 890.-

Define the resources available on your servers. Predefined templates allow you to create new VMs in a matter of just a few minutes.

  • Self-Service Portal
    create, start, stop or do snapshots - everything with webinterface access
  • 32 GB RAM & 12 vCPU
  • 500 GB performance storage
  • 100 Mbps Internet connectivity
  • IPv4 & IPv6 IP addresses
  • Incl. Microsoft OS licensing of VMs


100% Swiss

Server and data located in Switzerland: Switzerland is the perfect location for your business on account of the high level of legal security and strict data protection laws. All services are offered from our FINMA-compliant data centres.

Self-service allows flexibility

Using a Web interface, you can independently manage the RAM, CPU, disk space and network properties of your servers. Create new servers or snapshots in a matter of just a few minutes. The dashboard provides you with all the necessary tools and information.

Professional and highly available

Benefit from a modern infrastructure based on high-end products such as Cisco, EMC and Microsoft. Our highly-qualified engineers ensure that the servers run smoothly and provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.