Virtual Server

Unlimited power with virtual servers

Our virtual servers deliver maximum performance, security and flexibility, and your data are guaranteed to remain in Switzerland. The servers act just like physical dedicated servers and provide you with full root access with dynamic server resources configured as required in terms of computing power and storage capacity.

The virtual servers offer a high level of flexibility and scalability thanks to modern service platforms. It is always possible to modify the internal memory (RAM), processor performance (CPU) or data storage. Cloud servers are suitable for fixed resource requirements and flexible models that have to absorb planned or unplanned peak loads. You can access your leased Linux or Windows server in a safe and controlled environment. This allows for individual system configuration of your server landscape and applications. Upon request, nexellent can carry out maintenance of the operating system deploying patch management or version modifications.

Our additional services, including daily data backups, firewalling and patch management, allow you to focus on your core business while nexellent operates the infrastructure.

  • Flexible/scalable/dynamic
  • Data management in Switzerland guaranteed
  • Integrated high availability services
  • Pre-installed operating systems
  • Dedicated customer networks for maximum security
  • Daily snapshot backups of the entire server
  • Administrator rights
  • Installation on a redundant service platform
  • Round-the-clock on-site technical support, 365 days a year