ESX Hosting

Your software-based data centre base on modern VMware IaaS solotion

Scalable, flexible and redundant with dedicated ESX

ESX Hosting is based on a modern VMware IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution and offers maximum scalability and flexibility for your business applications. Modern platforms allow you to make tremendous savings when it comes to the acquisition and maintenance of in-house physical infrastructures for data centre operation.

Virtual data centre enables you to manage your own software-based data centre based on a resource pool. You independently manage resources such as RAM, CPU, storage and the network via the provided management interface. You can independently create, start and stop your virtual servers at all times and adapt them according to the specific needs of your company.

Maximum availability and security

The redundant structure of your ESX host systems and the VMware Hypervisor provided guarantee the fail-safe operation of your virtual servers. Take advantage of modern features such as high availability (HA) and vMotion in the day-to-day operation of your server landscape and secure a competitive advantage thanks to maximum availability and dynamics.

Data management

Security is written with a capital S at nexellent. That’s why your data is stored exclusively in one of our Swiss, FINMA-compliant data centres. You alone decide whether you would like to store your data in one data centre or mirrored in two data centres. We also offer maximum freedom in the choice of your backup software with our NFS and CIFS Shares.

Customer Feedback

By outsourcing to nexellent, our IT system is much more professional, efficient and cost-effective.

Martin Constam, Fleurop-Interflora GFS

Thomas Prandini
The thorough understanding of our business model and our needs shown by nexellent, as well as the good price/performance ratio, has already enabled us to acquire several important clients.

Thomas Prandini, cloud-ch

Working with nexellent brought us face to face with an expert technical team. We were impressed by the company’s comprehensive expertise and the private cloud platform.

Christof Schnellmann, Comsolutions

Our cooperation with nexellent allows us to concentrate on our core competencies.

Dino Fiori, Dinotronic

Simon Röhrig
Virtual data centre services allow us to flexibly react to customer and business requirements. The highly reliable cloud platform from nexellent provides us with all the options.

Simon Röhrig, BINTORIS

nexellent’s expertise in all areas is impressive. nexellent responded very quickly to new developments and communicated openly with us about everything.

Markus Hübscher, TransData Management

In partnership with nexellent, we managed to guarantee our customers the best possible performance and data integration thanks to innovative software and the latest technology.

Emile Bernhard, Vitruv AG

Our core competency is application development. We prefer to leave the operation of the complex Citrix SaaS infrastructure to the specialists at nexellent.

Roman Müller, müllerchur AG

  • Data centre compliant with FINMA and ISO regulations
  • highly available infrastructure
  • maximum of flexibility and salability
  • powerful dedicated vmware ESX host system
  • including hypervisor and management interface
  • including high availability and vMotion
  • High level of data security
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24/7 support, 365 days a year

Our system and network specialists are available to help you around the clock whenever you need support. Your requests are recorded and processed in the ticketing system. We process and remove errors and disruptions very quickly, thanks to our excellent response times.

Microsoft and VMware platforms

As a certified Microsoft and VMware service provider, we offer you the cloud platform that most perfectly meets your requirements, whether this entails hosting in Switzerland, a solution that only utilises a public cloud or a hybrid version. nexellent provides you with everything you need from a single source.

Consulting and Cloud Scope

We work with you to determine the aims and priorities of your cloud computing strategy over the course of a workshop. We identify and take into account your business requirements as well as the technical conditions at your company. We then present you with solutions for how to implement your cloud transformation and establish a modern workplace.