Fileshare Download

Secure data exchange thanks to encryption and guaranteed data management in Switzerland.

Fileshare Windows Client

Our Fileshare desktop client for Windows provides fast management of your data rooms, directories and files. You can choose for yourself whether your local directory is to be automatically synchronised or if your data is to be transferred manually to the secure Fileshare account. The freely selectable local sync folder gives you maximum flexibility when managing your secure Fileshare data space.

MS Outlook Add-in

Data can be uploaded directly from Outlook to the Fileshare data space, authorised and then sent with or without an expiry date. It is also possible to authorise existing files directly from Outlook. This way, the pressure on your e-mail infrastructure is noticeably reduced and your files are also logged as they are sent.

Mobil App

The app for your Fileshare data space works on both of the most widely available operating systems – Android and Apple’s iOS. The app allows users to upload and download files. It includes an integrated viewer that supports a multitude of file formats. The app can be used to upload e-mail attachments, photos or other local files to the secure data space.


The mobile apps, desktop client and Outlook client are provided by our technology and software partner SSP Europe and managed jointly with nexellent.