Load Balancing

Increase the availability and performance of your applications

nexellent’s load balancing services don’t just stabilise your infrastructure’s performance; they also offer additional options for the simple and secure provision of applications – including a diverse range of options permitting access to company applications.

nexellent also offers load balancing services in combination with our server and cloud services. Large amounts of data are optimally distributed across multiple systems operating in parallel, thus increasing the stability of applications. Operating a cluster and distributing queries to individual systems significantly increases the reliability and performance of your applications. When it comes to load balancing, nexellent primarily draws upon the mature, market-leading technology offered by Citrix NetScaler, used in thousands of installations around the world. In addition to optimising your performance and reliability, this technology offers additional options for the simple provision of applications and access to applications on mobile end devices. nexellent provides load balancing services on a customer-dedicated basis, configuring them individually and effecting their management.

  • Overload detection
  • Network and server load balancing
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • Secure provision of applications
  • Dedicated provision per customer/network