Broadband Internet access tailored to every need

Quick, secure and reliable: We offer our customers a wide range of high-quality, flexible Internet data connections for efficient communication. Our range includes everything from IP transit services through DSL and extends to Ethernet and Gigabit services.

Our highly available Internet backbone offers companies with high security and scalability requirements high-performance access to the Internet. nexellent’s network is already suitable for IPv6. The optional network management services provide additional security in terms of scalability, availability and traceability.

Flexibility is often required in the provision of bandwidths. This is because traffic usage today cannot easily be planned owing to rapidly changing circumstances. For this reason, nexellent offers so-called burst models with guaranteed maximum bandwidth, giving your bandwidth the requisite flexibility and scalability.

  • Redundant Internet backbone
  • Direct peerings to the most important carriers
  • Flexibility by means of burst models
  • All connections include fixed IP addresses
  • Network suitable for IPv6
  • Connections from DSL to Gigabit