Network Services

Reliability and high-performance: Connectivity services from nexellent

Our connectivity services can be selected entirely according to your individual needs, deploying the appropriate bandwidths and service level agreements (SLA).

Exchanging increasingly large amounts of data requires increasingly high bandwidths and speeds for purposes of transmission. nexellent is a registered Swiss telecommunications service provider with its own separate Autonomous System (AS) and has extremely efficient, state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructures and networks. This allows nexellent to offer you optimal security, availability and scalability.

nexellent’s Internet and leased line services enable high-performance, scalable connections to the Internet and your company’s locations. Regardless of this fact, nexellent provides bandwidths from the DSL range right through to Gigabit connections.

Customer Feedback

By outsourcing to nexellent, our IT system is much more professional, efficient and cost-effective.

Martin Constam, Fleurop-Interflora GFS

Our customers are benefiting from the economies of scale and associated savings in IT costs because of the data centre solution from nexellent.

Michael Ammann, OBT AG

The collaboration with nexellent impressed us in all respects. We would recommend nexellent as a partner for other SMEs, too.

Antonio Zeloni, Marionnaud

Our cooperation with nexellent allows us to concentrate on our core competencies.

Dino Fiori, Dinotronic

Simon Röhrig
Virtual data centre services allow us to flexibly react to customer and business requirements. The highly reliable cloud platform from nexellent provides us with all the options.

Simon Röhrig, BINTORIS

nexellent’s expertise in all areas is impressive. nexellent responded very quickly to new developments and communicated openly with us about everything.

Markus Hübscher, TransData Management

In partnership with nexellent, we managed to guarantee our customers the best possible performance and data integration thanks to innovative software and the latest technology.

Emile Bernhard, Vitruv AG

Our core competency is application development. We prefer to leave the operation of the complex Citrix SaaS infrastructure to the specialists at nexellent.

Roman Müller, müllerchur AG

  • DSL private and business profiles
  • Point-to-point connections
  • Internet connections
  • Inter-site networking
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Round-the-clock on-site technical support, 365 days a year
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The right network solution for your company

From DSL through to a leased line

As a certified telecommunications service provider, we are the right partner for your company in all matters relating to connectivity. We make your site more connected and also manage it by drawing on modern DSL, FFTH or leased-line technologies.

Microsoft Cloud connection

Expand your data centre with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services. Microsoft ExpressRoute improves the performance of your applications and thereby increases the productivity of your employees.

Network consulting

Our network engineers work with you to develop the right network concept for you. We find the perfect solution, whether this entails a single DSL connection, complex inter-site networking or network security.