We guide you into the cloud!

From private to public cloud – we can advise you, migrate your data to the cloud securely and manage your hybrid cloud environment. Thanks to our very own Swiss cloud and the Swiss Microsoft Cloud, we can offer you complete cloud architectures with data management in Switzerland.

Private, public or hybrid – which cloud matches my business needs?

In our white paper, we use decision trees to show you which cloud model meets your requirements regarding flexibility, security, transparency, convenience and performance.

Private Cloud:
nexellent VDC

Steel trader SIPRO STAHL SCHWEIZ decided to set up its IT infrastructure as a service instead of renewing its own data centre. The company outsourced its entire IT infrastructure to nexellent’s Virtual Datacenter. The SLA-driven service takes pressure off the IT, affording SIPRO improved flexibility and increased availability.

Public Cloud:
Office 365 & Azure

The Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG (BEI) decided to migrate to the public cloud. The switch has enabled BEI to cut its IT expenditure by CHF 75,000 per year and they profit from always up to date software. nexellent took care of the migration and now provides BEI with premium support for their ongoing operations.