Server housing: The right home for your server

Not everyone needs a full 19-inch rack to house ICT structures. So, server housing for individual rack units offers you the optimal alternative.

Our experts provide supervised access to your servers in the shared rack. You also benefit from the same high performance features you get with our colocation services in terms of scalability, service and support.

This service is perfect for customers who only want to house a small number of servers in one of our high-security data centres that are compliant with banking standards. We host your servers in a shared rack along with servers belonging to other customers. This solution is completely secure and allows you to take advantage of lower operating costs.

It’s easy to rent additional rack units in the shared rack, if required.

Customer feedback

Our customers are benefiting from the economies of scale and associated savings in IT costs because of the data centre solution from nexellent.

Michael Ammann, OBT AG

The collaboration with nexellent impressed us in all respects. We would recommend nexellent as a partner for other SMEs, too.

Antonio Zeloni, Marionnaud

Our cooperation with nexellent allows us to concentrate on our core competencies.

Dino Fiori, Dinotronic

  • Unlimited data transmission
  • 99.95% availability
  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Around-the-clock supervised access, 365 days a year
  • Redundant air conditioning and power supply
  • Data centres comply with regulations stipulated by FINMA
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Secure data centre at Swiss site

Data centre at Swiss site

Switzerland is a neutral country with a high level of legal security and strict data protection laws, making it the perfect location for your services. Our geo-redundant data centre is operated using FINMA- and ISO-compliant processes, ensuring the highest level of availability for your business.

Rack systems of all sizes

Our colocation offers provide the right solution for all requirements, whether you need a single quarter rack with a low power consumption level, several full racks or private cages with greater power requirements and a separate access control system. We provide the right home for your server. 

We are there for you

The Hands & Eyes service from nexellent ensures fast, professional, on-site technical support at the data centre. Our technicians are available on site and have expertise in the relevant modern technologies. We install and remove hardware, restart devices and perform many other Tasks.