Colocation Services

nexellent’s state-of-the-art, secure data centres

Our scalable, redundant, state-of-the-art network and data centre infrastructure allows for secure operation of your performance and business-critical applications thanks to a universal, redundant configuration of all components.

nexellent’s data centres are kept under surveillance by high-performance monitoring systems. They are also connected by means of a fully redundant fibre optic backbone. This guarantees the best possible level of security for all of your outsourcing needs. Our data centres provide our customers with a wide range of useful services. These include everything from basic housing to private cloud computing.

For us, redundant infrastructure means infrastructure configured to providing a safeguard of at least N+1. Electricity, air conditioning, network and server environments and security structures exist in multiples and are linked: If one component fails, the other takes over seamlessly. But, to us, redundancy also means geographically separate data centres, which are distinguished by different risk factors. Ask, without obligation, for the risk assessment compiled for our data centres.

Being neutral, Switzerland is the perfect location for your services on account of the high level of legal security and the strict data protection laws. Switzerland is not subject to any agreement on data exchange with other countries, making it a secure place for your data.

  • Geo-redundant data centres
  • Processes compliant with FINMA and ISO regulations
  • Max. availability of electricity thanks to UPS and diesel generators
  • Access control using a badge and fingerprint system
  • Intelligent early fire detection system