Your success is built on the Swiss-based cloud & infrastructur.

Data centre infrastructures

Our nexellent services are provided exclusively from our three data centres based in Switzerland using a redundant fibre optic backbone for the connection technology. The structures of our data centres fulfil the IT security outsourcing regulations 99/2, 08/07 of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, or FINMA (formerly the Swiss Federal Banking Commission), and are located in separate geographical risk zones. The ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards are the basis for operation of the Tier III data centre structures and all associated administrative tasks, and these have been accordingly certified.

We are also continually developing and improving the situation in terms of green IT. The data centres have been certified by, in part due to the energy-efficient cooling system using ‘cold corridor’ solutions and support through ‘free cooling.’ 

Server and cloud infrastructures

Our platforms are based on a geographically redundant setup spread over several data centres located in Switzerland in order to ensure the high availability of our cloud services, in addition to our partnerships with leading tech companies such as EMC, Cisco and Brocade. What’s more, we implement a multi-vendor strategy with VMware and Microsoft virtualisation that helps us offer additional flexibility and independence in terms of future developments in technology.

nexellent offers a wide range of solutions including infrastructure services (IaaS), managed private cloud environments and hybrid cloud models, thanks to a modern system environment and orchestration of cloud structures.

Network infrastructures

nexellent is a registered Swiss telecommunications service provider (BAKOM) with its own separate Autonomous System (AS). Likewise, it has state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructures and networks. We are capable of offering our local and international customers extremely efficient network services thanks to our partnerships with wholesalers. By directly accessing peering partners, carriers and exchange platforms, it is possible to use Cloud Exchange and Cloud Connect to facilitate low-latency transfers to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Softlayer.

A fully redundant fibre optic network (backbone) connects our Swiss-based data centres and provides high-performance, failsafe operation of ICT infrastructures.


nexellent believes in the importance of providing security for its own and for our customers’ ICT structures. For this reason, security is not marketed as a separate product. Instead, the customer’s specific requirements are taken into account based on the existing security components.

The basic security measures include the physical security of the data centre by means of surveillance, security personnel and biometrics, in addition to the security of data transfers. Layer 2 and 3 network encryption and security features such as IDS, DDOS prevention, system hardening, strong authentication and log management ensure that the infrastructures and applications are operated in a reliable and smooth manner.

  • FINMA-compliant data centres
  • Tier-III data centres
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 27001, ISO 22301
  • Redundant cloud infrastructures
  • Redundant and secure networks
  • Flexible and scalable offer